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The most noble act of kindness

Walden Cemetery Walden Cemetery

“Showing kindness to the dead is a true act of piety because it cannot possibly be tinged with any hope for reciprocity.”

Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Guide to Understanding Judaism. p. 220

Independent committee:

According to our constitution, the Cemetery Committee runs as a separate unit charged with attending to the burial of persons in accordance with our Faith. Funds are kept separately from the WJCC and are carefully invested so as to ensure that we meet any expense- current and future.

Everyone on the committee has a job that overlaps everyone else’s job. And each member jumps in and does what needs to be done at an instant’s notice. These men and women who are appointed by the congregation President would just say that they are doing their job and filling in for someone else. Yet every aspect runs so smoothly that each bereaved family has the support it needs.

First burial:

Our beautiful cemetery is situated along Route 52 between Walden and Pine Bush. Several areas of perennial plantings add color and definition and create an atmosphere of serenity. Benches and shade trees create areas for quiet meditation. The first person buried there was a twelve year old boy. His mother created a scholarship which the Board of Trustees continues yearly. In memory of Steven Rosen, an award is given to a promising fifth grade math student attending the local elementary school. His parents have now joined him in the all-Jewish section.

Each Memorial Day, under the command of Connie Flickenchild, the local VFW holds a dramatic service in our cemetery. We honor the seventeen veterans who are buried there.

Interfaith section:

A large new section – separated but not apart – is for burial of families with interfaith marriages. In August 2004, after a great deal of research, the general membership of the Center voted to expand. This move reflected the new demographics in our membership. With landscaping and diligent oversight by our grounds keeping committee, the entire cemetery reflects a peaceful interlude. Anyone wishing to discuss purchasing a plot in our cemetery may speak with any member of the committee.


Our prices are among the lowest in Orange County: For members of the Congregation in good standing for the previous 3 years and current with their dues, the fees are as follows: a single grave site is $300, required Perpetual Care is $500, and a deposit for for the gravestone is $1,000 totalling $1,800 for a Congregation member. A fee of $850 for the opening of the grave is not due until the date of internment.)

The cost of a grave site for a non- member is $900, required Perpetual Care fee of $500, and the deposit for the gravestone is $1,000 -,total cost for non-members is $2,400. (Opening of the grave site has a fee of $850 due at the time of internment.)

If the synagogue is to be used for a Mourners Meal there will be a fee for the use of the synagogue.

For the future?

If we keep growing, perhaps some day we can assemble our own chevrah kadisha. Right now we rely on the kindness of neighbouring synagogues to perform the taharah for our loved ones.

Please volunteer your free time to help.

As you know, burials need to be done in a timely manner. There are opportunities for people to direct traffic, set up chairs, make a minyan for shiva, etc.

Call any member of the committee and give times or dates that you are available.

Chair , Pam Carroad. H 778-7285 and Cell 845-505-5878.

Cemetery Address: 1577 State Route 52, Walden, NY 12586.

Committee members: Lauren Mandell, Joseph Herzog, David Jalazo, Fred Nelson, Tim Scannell and Jane Friedland