Any special event such as a dinner, etc.

Sukkot Family Program

On Sunday, October 8th, our congregation had its own miracle.

Our family Sukkah program was in jeopardy because of rain and more rain. It rained through the Lulav lesson and on our plans. 

And then....suddenly, the sun appeared!
Precisely at 10 a.m. (the time of our original plan to decorate the Sukkah), we saw a ray of sunlight peak through the window.
we were able to complete our decorations, shake the Lulav and enjoy blessings and goodies.

It was our own Sukkah miracle.


Crop Walk

2017 ANNUAL CROP WALK - October 22, 2017

We, at Congregation Beth Hillel are planning to continue to participate in this worthy cause, part of Tikkun Olam to end world hunger. Our role is recruitment of marchers and donors, led by Jen Scannell.

The Walden Interfaith Council is organizing and sponsoring this event. As in the past, the march will be in Walden and will end on our front lawn, at the temple, with a community BBQ.


Torah School and Elections

On May 17th, we jointly celebrated the end of our Torah School year as well as held our annual election.

Our ballot:

for President: Sherri Donnell
for Vice-President: Sandy Damon
for Treasurer: Joseph Herzog
for Recording Secretary: Shirley Zak
for Financial Secretary: Joanie Garry

for a three year trustee term:

David Friedland, Sam Liebman and Margie Sweet